What is FanFiction?

New to the world of fanfiction? Or do you just want to learn something new? Are you one of those who believe that fanfiction was something started by some fangirls who wrote stories because their “real” life was boring?

Actually fanfiction has been around a very long time. In the 17th centuary, unauthorized sequals to Don Quixote began circling around. In the 19th centuary, parodies and revisions of famous stories, such as Alice in the Wonderland and sequals to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes was seen. In the early 1920s and 30s many Jane Austen fans wrote new stories about their beloved characters.

But it was the Star Trek fans that laid the foundation to modern fanfiction. During the 1970s the genre was greatly expanded. In 1974 the first homoerotic (or slash) story was published, A Fragment out of Time. The Internet helped spread the stories even more. In 1998, fanfiction.net was formed. The rest is history.

Okay, so now we have established that fanfiction has been around for quite some time. But some of you might still ask, “What is Fanfiction?”

Well, fanfiction is something you write when you take a character, a place or a storyline, and write your own story about them. In most fandoms, the writers use characters and situations already created by other writers in order to develop their personal and preferred views of the story. Did you ever think that Neville should have been the one to kill of Bellatrix? Or that Fatty Bolger should have carried the ring to Mordor, strapped onto Shadowfax? Then this is the right place to do it. The only limit is your own imagination!



  1. Hahah, Caradhras referens! Hihi 😀

  2. Yay Caradhras ftw! But I still wote for Bill the Pony as ringbearer…

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