Posted by: Josephine | September 30, 2010

A Proper Goodbye

A Proper Goodbye by Kirixchi

I’m re-reading Lord of the Rings atm, and sort of re-discovering my love for Tolkien. It’s truly wonderful really. I think it all started with Sara and I watching the extended editions while we croucheted one day, and it all went downhill after that you could say.

And, if I love something, of course I want to read some nice fanfiction about it, I mean, it’s me^^

I logged on to Emyn Arnen, an archive completely dedicated to Éowyn and Faramir and went searching for stories.

I found this one, and I don’t think I’ve read it before. It’s very fluffy and romantic and a bit steamy. Hot hot hottt:)

Faramir is leaving on a short mission, shortly after the wedding. Éowyn is disappointed that he didn’t give her a proper goodbye. So she takes it on herself to teach him how the Rohirric does it.

“Long years of practice had hardened Faramir to forcing his body into tasks he mind would rather ignore. He did not want to ride east into Mordor. He was tired of war, weary of death, heartsick of destruction- but he would go. He was Prince of Ithilien now, and the responsibilities of that office were no less sacred than those he had held as Steward. He was bound to protect this land, even to the point of death- be that death of body or of soul- and he would fulfill his mandate.

Still, Faramir regretted the circumstances of his parting. The presence of the White company, saddled and waiting in the courtyard, had disuaded him from offering his wife anything more than a token buss against the forehead before stepping into the saddle to ride away. There hadn’t been time for a proper goodbye. That is, he hadn’t made time for one, and now he keenly felt the omission.

The horses reached the top of small rise, and then they turned, making for the wooded passes that led through the hills. Behind him was the last glimpse of his home, and he could not help but spare a final glance. Eowyn was still standing at the gate, her white skirts flashing brilliantly in the summer sun. He could not see her face with his eyes, but in his heart the features were etched: cherry, bow-like lips set in a defiant line, cheeks stained with tears, and cool eyes brimming with both longing and accusation.”

Very sweet, and I think somewhat in character. I think the problem with LotR fanfiction is that you write about the hero’s sort of “off stage” if you know what I mean. We don’t really know how Faramir reacts when he’s not acting as a Captain of Gondor and so on.

But, knowing what we do know, about Éowyns presumable relationship with Grima, and Faramir’s relationship with his father, I would say they are true to their characters. Read read read!


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