Posted by: Josephine | September 29, 2010

What’s up with the beard?


Haha, I had no idea these pictures were online! I knew they’d filmed the epilogue, but this is just AWESOME!

I know it’s blurry and all, but look at the hair! And (I just noticed it) he’s wearing a wedding ring!!! Fluffers says Iiiiiiiip!!! OME!!!

It was hard to find any photos of Hermione… this was the best I found. And it sorta doesn’t show much. I mean, I guess her skin looks a bit greyer, but more than that… I don’t know. She does look like a business woman though:)

Okay, many thoughts going on here. First, I hope it’s just the picture and that they didn’t make Ginny fat. Because seriously, if there was a MILF in Harry Potter, it would be her.

Second, doesn’t Harry sorta look a bit like David Yates? Just me? And, what’s up with the double chin??? He’s supposed to be lanky! Gah!

I do sorta like though, I think, that Ginny looks a bit like her mother. Even if I think she should’ve been prettier.

Saving the best for last! WHAT’S UP WITH THE BEARD???? He looks like someone doing role-play! Gah! Perv-beard that’s what it is!

This was very cute though… Father and Son. Ha, that must’ve been so weird to shoot!

Part of me can’t wait to see the film, and the other part doesn’t want this to end. Ever! The end is almost here! Aaaah!


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