Posted by: Josephine | August 13, 2009

I’m starting to believe in Karma

Yesterday was the day I first started truly believe in Karma. It started with me losing my cellphone on the way to work (extremely annoying!). But then I got a job, so it became like the best day of the week. Yay!

This means that with some money coming in, I can stop spending it again! Yay! 😀

First thing I did was buying three Twilight themed tees. I picked the “I Love Boys Who Sparkle”, “In love with Edward” and the one with the picture of them dancing and on the back it says “I dream about being with you forever”. And then I also bought some magnets (also Twilight themed) and 2 posters with Legolas (my brother fancies him soooo much). Iiiip, I love shopping!

By the way, I take it that all of you’ve seen the preview footage from the upcoming trailer? OME, it’s here tomorrow! Iiiip! I’m posting it here, just because.

You’ll probably not see me again ’til tomorrow. Me and Sara are going over to a friends house tonight. So, see ya then! 😀


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