Posted by: Josephine | June 4, 2009

Utterly Desirable Merchandise Part III

These ones were too desirable even for me. Okay, that’s not saying much, but this stuff was available to buy in Sweden. So I bought it. 😛


The “big” stuff all lined up on my bed. As you’ll notice I own the entire series both in hardback and paperback. The reason for this is that the hardback wasn’t available in Sweden earlier. But when I found them, I bought them. I got a Collectors Edition Pack or something, and it came with these lovely cards, with the front of each book on them, and quoutes. They’re very pretty. Not seen here though.


Of course I own the Edward action-figure! I started iiip-ing about him since I heard there might be one. He doesn’t look like RPattz though. But I like him. My brother likes him too, but he wants to remove him from the package. Unfortunately, that is where he will stay.


Oh, these are like my favorite things! These books are a must to any die-hard fans to the series (and espacially the movie.) The Illustrated Movie Companion is full of beautiful pictures and inside information from the film. And all nerdy stuff, like the fact that Edwards is the least pale of all the vampires to make him even hotter. Not that he needs it (which is the actual quote that follows :P). And Catherine Hardwicke’s A Director’s Notebook is wonderful aswell. And it features that infamous picture of Edward with long hair. 😛

But if you wanna go real nerdy, you should read Lois H. Gresh’s Twilight Companion: Unauthorized Guide to the Series. In this you’ll find all the info you need for dating a vampire, a comparison between the “most desirable men today” and Edward. Hilarious reading!


These are some of my pins. I’m sorry that the picture is all blurry, but my sister hadn’t charged the batteries for the camera, so I had to use my phone. Hopefully I can edit this post tomorrow and give you some nicer ones. But for now these will have to do.

Some of the pins (the ones with the pictures) I got from this site, they’ve got some hilarious prints, and very desirable things that would make the list for most fanpires. I really want a coffe mug. Perhaps that’ll be my birthday present for myself… Hm…

Then I made some myself. The one with “Caradhras” written on it is the symbol for the Tolkien Society both Sara and I are a part of. That’s actually where we met. So all my love to Caradhras. I ordered it from this Swedish site called but I’m sure that there are other sites that offers the same thing. To any swedes out there however, I really recommend this site. It’s cheap and easy. And the result is very satisfactory!


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