Posted by: Josephine | June 3, 2009

Lessons in Forbidden Love

Lessons in Forbidden Love by xsecretxkeeperx

It’s almost summer and I started having these flashbacks from school last year when I graduated, and got a little nostalgic. And plus I was home sick and had nothing better to do then read fanfiction. I found this one that made me want to go back to school even more.

Edward is an AP Language teacher at Forks High School. Bella is his student. Together they start this litteraty magazine in which the students get to publish their original work. They work hard on this and spend a lot of time together after school. When their friendship starts to turn into something more, will they risk everything to be together?

I don’t know! The last chapter ends with such a cliffhanger, am having trouble dealing with it! Gah, the UST is killing me!

“Students started filling the once void and I peaked in the door to notice Edward’s appearance again. He still looked like walking death, but he had at least shaved and tried to smooth out his clothes and hair. I waited for the last student to leave before I made my entry. I walked in as Edward was organizing the staff folders. If he heard me, he didn’t acknowledge me.

“You look like crap, you know that?” I was expecting another lecture on treating him with respect, but instead I was rewarded with a bitter smile.

“So, I’ve been told,” he said without looking up.

“Are you going to tell me what’s got you like this or do I have to guess?” His face grew serious as he turned to me.

“Bella, I told you last week that this has to stop. I’m a teacher, not a friend.” I narrowed my eyes. He wasn’t just going to brush me off like that.

“It looks to me like you really need a friend right now. I don’t understand why I can’t just be there for you when you’re going through this.” My voice was tense and I knew he could hear the force behind my statement.

“Don’t push this, Bella. Please, just leave it be.” He was firm, but I could hear the brokenness in his voice.

“No. I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong and why I can’t be the one to help you.”

“Because, Bella! I can’t be around you,” he yelled at me, revulsion clear in his voice,
“I don’t want to be your friend! Do you get that?!”

As he shouted the words I just stood there, not comprehending. But as they sunk in through skin I could feel my heart dying a little with each syllable. I hadn’t been expecting him to scream at me or to destroy me with spiteful words. I was wrong. I was so very wrong. I thought that he was going through something, but I misread the situation.

I pushed myself on him and he didn’t want to be anywhere near me. Alice was right to warn me. I disgusted Edward and as the tears rolled down my face, I disgusted myself for being such a lovesick puppy.”

This is like my favorite quote, because Edward is in fact speaking the truth. He doesn’t want to be her friend. He wants to be her lover 😛

And the reason he looks like hell is because he’s come to the conclusion that he is a monster for feeling those things for a student. But he can’t tell Bella that, so he’s feeling pretty down. Poor thing.

But you must read it! It’s so good. And Edward as a teacher is like soooo hottttt. And just to clear things up, the age difference isn’t that big. Edward is 23 and Bella just turned 18 at the beginning of the story. And they haven’t done ANYTHING yet, which perhaps is why I’m feeling a bit frustrated. I’m beginning to feel like I might be living a bit too much through fanfiction… Might might be an understatement. It’s like watching High School Musical. I get more frustrated every time for the simple lack of kissing! How is it possible for them to kiss like twice in three films? It’s crazy! I mean, if it had been me, the rating would have reached a whole other level.

My friend once asked me how Edward could be hot as a human. And to be honest with her I’m still not sure what it is that makes me love these stories. At first, I shunned them, since they were clearly not canon, and so on and so forth. But with time, they just grew on me.

As a fluffer, my initial thought was that you can’t go more fluff than making Edward a human. But the thing is, I read more AH angst, and the vamp stories I read are mostly fluff. It’s weird how things turn out.

One thing that does remain constant in every single AH story I’ve read is that Edward is hot. Rich (Either he inherited the money or he’s got some nice job as a doctor(concert pianist/model or something). Musical (He might not always play the piano like a god, but he can carry a tune pretty nicely :P). And Emo. Repressing feelings is something Edward is always good at. And having emotional break downs. Somehow Edward’s always depressed, even if he doesn’t know he is. At least until he meets Bella. Then it’s happy go lucky let’s go make babies. At least in the ones I read. I am a fluffer after all 😀


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