Posted by: Josephine | May 24, 2009

Kisses for Sale

I think I just got a mild heartattack- or the fangirl version at least.

Ever wondered how much a kiss from RPattz is worth? 20 000 DOLLARS!!! 

He was auctioned off at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS 2009 Cocktail Party. The bidding got so high that the price was split between two bidders, who each paid $20,000 for the chance to meet, greet and win a kiss on the cheek from Rob.

Iiiiiiip! I would pay that much just to shake his hand! Iiiiiiip!

Here’s a video of the auction. Doesn’t he look adorably unconfortable. I don’t think he’s realized people would want to pay that kind of money for him. I love his comment about how they should start at five dollars! Iiiiiiiiiiiip! LOVE HIM!!!


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