Posted by: Josephine | May 19, 2009


Unwanted by bloodredlust

Very dark “what if” story.

Edward can’t bare to see Bella being torn apart from the inside by the monster spawn he placed within her. So he takes a step to ensure Bella’s survival.

Only to realize he’s made a huge mistake. Can Bella forgive him for what he did?


Jacob sprung to his feet to follow Rosalie, and in less than a second I had Bella in my arms and up the staircase. Carlisle’s study had been set up with a hospital bed for her, and I quickly raced her into the room, laying her gently on the bed.

Shocked understanding filled her beautiful face. Tears poured from her eyes, she clung to me, sobbing, screaming. I steeled myself, knowing that I was doing what was best for her. I wouldn’t let her sacrifice herself for my child. I would find another way to make her a mother if she wanted it this badly, but I wouldn’t let her die.

“Please Edward. Please. Don’t do this. Our baby…”

Her pleading nearly tore me apart. I couldn’t look her in the eye. The pain in her voice was almost too much… I nearly stopped. Then I caught sight of her swollen, distended, grossly disproportionate belly, bruised and battered, and I shut her pleading out of my mind. I had to do this to save her. There was no other way.

“It’s not a baby Bella… It’s a monster, and I won’t let it kill you.” Deftly, I soaked a cloth with Ether and held it over her nose. She stilled almost instantly. I carefully lay Bella back on the hospital bed and pulled Emmett’s massive sweatshirt up to expose the lair of the creature that was killing my mate. My fingers worked automatically, stripping her panties and sweats and swabbing her belly with antiseptic, preparing her for a C-section.

I could hear the fight raging downstairs between Jacob and Rosalie… and I knew that I had to work quickly. Jacob wouldn’t tear her apart unless he had to, but I knew Rosalie wouldn’t be so restrained. She would think nothing of ending the dogs’ life to save the baby’s.

If I could have cried I would have been blinded by my own tears, but I tried to control my heavy sobbing as I brought the sharp blade down, cutting just above the pubic bone. Bella’s sweetly fragrant blood spilled down from the ugly surgical wound, but I was beyond being attracted by it. The idea of hurting her was killing me… what I was doing to her now was killing me. I took a deep breath, feeling the burning thirst tear through me like wildfire as I lowered my mouth to the bleeding gash and took the placenta between my teeth.”

A terrible plot, but an awesome story! And by terrible, I mean tear-developing-super-angst. Just the thing I crave these days. 🙂

Oh, and btw. I’ve understood that Robert Pattinson RPF’s is the new thing. Has anyone read any good ones? I’ve only read the summary on some, and they sound ridicoulus to me. I mean, why would I want to read about him and some OC?? I want him for myself!


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