Posted by: Josephine | May 11, 2009

In Loving Memory of a Crappy Morning

I started my morning watching the new Robin Hood episode. Seriously, they just keep getting worse. What’s up with Robin!?!?!? He angsted over Marian for ONE episode! And now he’s kissing Isabella?!?! They’ve done more kissing during TWO episodes, than he and Marian did during two SEASONS! So that sucks.

But i finally got some “I will never have a baby” angst. Which was good. Otherwise it was all crap.

So I thought to myself, read some fanfiction, that’ll cheer you right up. So, I read today’s chapter of “A Moment Too Late“. And then I got to the authors note. And I felt even worse.

One of my top five authors, might even be top three, Daddy’s Little Cannibal has sadly passed away in a car accident.

I don’t even know how to deal with that. I’m very sad that I will never know how her stories end. But I’m even sader that we have lost such an intelligent, passionate, funny and loving person. I’m still in chock.

Her stories, “Till Death Do US Part“, “Boy Meets Girl” and all her lemon-y one-shots are forever amongst my favorite.

So, then I thought, leave the computer! And I went to brush my teeth. And what do I find poking out of my fringe??? A freaking gray hair! I’m seriously getting age paranoia, and I’m not even twenty! Gah!

So, all in all, not my best morning.

But, I’m still well enough to laugh about it. Sorta. In a while.


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