Posted by: Josephine | March 18, 2009

Congratulations Edward!

In Sweden we have something called “name day”. Every day, has a couple of names tied to it. And today, the 18th of March, is no other than Edward’s turn! Iiiip! And the bestest part is that tomorrow is my name day! Fate or what!?! I’m so excited!

Edward is an English given name. It is derived from Old English words ead (meaning “happy” or ‘prosperous’) and weard (meaning “guard”). It’s one of the few Old English names to gain currency in other parts of Europe and beyond.

Question; does any other country have name days? Would be fun to know. 🙂


This is what wikipedia had to say about the whole thing. Apparently, name day is a christian tradition. Ha, never knew that…



  1. Haha, I think his name is sorta suitable for him. He’s not that happy (he likes to hate himself too much), but he does like to play bodyguard. 🙂

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