Posted by: Josephine | March 16, 2009

Should I Be Happy or Not?

Should I be happy or not about the fact that (according to In Touch magazine) Robert aka Edward, will only be in two scenes of the film. Should I, as a fan, be glad that they’re sticking to the book, or sad as a fangirl, that the obsession of my life won’t be in it (much)… this is hard…

I guess that you shouldn’t rely on the information that much, but still. Perhaps the scenes are very long… Yes, that would be a compromise I’m willing to make. I mean, they have to have Bella’s birthday party scene. And I think they should have something fluffy before that, to establish their love. And then the whole Volterra thingy. And then when they get home, and he proposes… gah, I love New Moon. I was just filled by a sudden urge to read it again. Iiiip!


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