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Theory by Ness Lupin

I love this story simply because it reminds me so much of a Harlequin I’ve read, called “When the Duke Returns”. And that’s a good thing, because the smut brought on a whole new meaning to the word.

The story is basically Bella has a theory, that she and Edward can still have a baby. She thinks that his body was frozen in time, but still “intact” with all of the basic bodily functions still there. After some minor bit of persuasion, they start trying to make a baby.

This was written well before Breaking Dawn. Just so you know.

And the best in this is like their talk of bodily functions. How Edward can smell where Bella is in her menstruational cycle, his thoughts about mating, and the fact that his orgasm lasts several minutes. Iiiip! I love smut!

“You’re seriously overestimating my self-control.”

“You just hunted.”

I took her face in my hands and gently pushed her away, giving her a disapproving look. “That wasn’t the control I was talking about.”

“Edward, losing control is the whole point,” Bella said, sitting back with a huff and crossing her arms over her chest angrily. “We just decided to try and have a baby. It’s not going to come about through Immaculate Conception, you know. This is going to require some work on both our parts.”

I didn’t answer right away, opting, instead, to try and calm my overly-sensitive body down. In the brief few seconds she had been kissing me, every nerve ending in my body – already a hundred times more sensitive than a human’s – had become supercharged and both the vampire and the man in me were screaming at me to mate.

But I couldn’t do that just yet. Not without making Bella fully understand the way I was thinking now and the way this had to be done. I had to be gentle with her; I couldn’t afford to let myself mate with her the way my body was urging me to.

“Just wait,” I finally said, once I could speak again. She still looked angry. “Wait a week; until you’re finished menstruating.”

“But…” Bella dropped her arms to her sides, her shoulders sagging in defeat. “You said I’m most fertile now… and you said my menstrual blood doesn’t bother you.”

“It doesn’t… bother me.” I took a deep breath, trying to think of a decent way of wording what I wanted to say. “It… You know how most animals mate when the female is in heat?” She nodded, and I swore I would be as red as a tomato if I had the ability to blush. “Well, my vampiric instincts are very animalistic. My mind and heart have already accepted you as my mate. So, now, here, the smell of your menstrual blood and your arousal and the smell of your fertility…”

I had to stop to regain my control again, but when I looked back up at Bella she looked amused.

“So, you’re turned on?”

I laughed weakly, trying to shake off my embarrassment, “It’s a bit more than just being turned on, love. My whole body is screaming at me to mate with you.”

And the biolgynerd in me wants to point out that you’re not fertile during your period. A woman is most fertile during her ovulation (which happens about two weeks before her period). But I get why the bloodplay is hot. I mean he is a Vamp after all. But it gets pretty funny when they talk about Bella’s blood soaked pyjamabottoms. Hihi.

Oh, and don’t forget to watch the Oscar’s tonight! Rob Pattinson is attending and presenting! Iiip! 😀



  1. Wow. You blogged about my Theory? *teary-eyed* I didn’t think anyone cared THAT much. Thank you!

    I DO have one nitpick though. The biology nerd IN ME says that a woman IS most fertile the first three days of her period, but doctors don’t really elaborate on that because no one expects a couple to be intimate during a woman’s menstrual period.

    I Graduate college in a week and I majored in English, Anatomy, and Physiology and I wanted every aspect of Theory to be as real as possible so that when people read it they would say “Hey, this could happen,” so I did TONS of research and even went as far as to ask my Anatomy/Physiology Professor when a woman was most fertile, and she confirmed what I had researched (that a woman is most fertile the first three days of her period [give or take a few hours]).

    Anywho, thank you so so so so much for your love and support for Theory! That’s so kind of you! *hug*


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