Posted by: Josephine | February 20, 2009

Every Father’s Sacrifice

Every Father’s Sacrifice by the Romanticidal Edwardian

Bella and Nessie comes up with the wonderful idea that they should practise pickup-lines on Edward. He reluctantly agrees (only because Bella threatens to use Jake insted). And everyone is amused save Edward. Iiip, pure fluffy goodness!

“Okay, okay,” Nessie said impatiently. “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

“I think you’re actually supposed to stop and let me ask, ‘No, why’?”

I heard her let out a tiny, baby growl of frustration and I bit my lip, grinning, as she started again. “Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

I couldn’t resist the booming laugh that left me as Nessie said the word ‘sexy’ in her high little kid voice; it was too good.

“Where’s your mother?” I chuckled. “She’s not trying to pick me up anymore?”

“I don’t think anything I could use would be age appropriate,” I heard her smirk, and I immediately sobered up, my mind going a million miles a minute. “But I’ll try to reel it in. Is your last name Gillette because you’re the best a …man…can get…Oh never mind, that’s for guys. Okay, hold on! How about this one…Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.”

“I’m pretty irresistible, it’s true,” I said solemnly.

“Edward, I’m going to hit you when you get home. Alright, sweetie, you try,” she said then to Nessie.

“My aunt is psychic, and she had a vision of you giving me your number.”

“But we live in the same place.”

“Work with us here!” Bella snarled as Nessie giggled. “Or we’ll find someone else.”

“Okay, okay!” Nessie laughed. “Was your mother a gardener? Because your armpits smell like fruit.”

Okay, I’ve been thinking and I think what I’ll do is compile a list of missing moments in Breaking Dawn.

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. We still didn’t get a proper smut scene. As far as I’m concerned, they did more naughty things in Eclipse than in BD. I’m still suffering from UST. Where would I be if I didn’t have any fanfiction?
  2. More FLUFF! And the stuff at the end doesn’t count. Seriously too little swooning and dazzling.
  3. More Edward/Bella scenes in general. That would have been nice.
  4. More Edward/Nessie! I love Daddy Edward!
  5. More Edward in general. Perhaps I should have started with that. I sorta love him.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I actually kinda like Breaking Dawn. I have this weird love/fascination for it. Soon it will be released in swedish, so my sister will read it. So I have to get my iiip up, or she won’t think I’m a fan anymore.

Speaking of the swedish version, do you wanna know the title? It’s “Så Länge Vi Båda Andas” which means “As Long As We Both Breathe”. Which is like the most fail title ever, since Edward doesn’t have to breathe. Neither does Bella the last third. So it just plain sucks.

The other titles are much better. In order, we have “If I Could Dream” (Twilight) “When I Hear Your Voice” (New Moon) and “The Sound of Your Heart” (Eclipse). Those I actually like. They corrollate to the book. The fourth one however, does not. Now, I’m done ranting so you are free to go read the story I wrote about way back there in the beginning. 😛


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