Posted by: Josephine | February 19, 2009

Aww…Now Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Aww…Now Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf by Roo

One of many missing moments in Breaking Dawn. I found this while browsing through the Twilight Awards. Iiip, I love that site!

Jacob thinks that they (the Cullens) should throw Nessie a Halloween party. Love the interaction between him and Edward. So sweet! 😛

“Bedroom…now,” I whispered in his ear. His golden eyes met my crimson ones, and at once we were racing towards the cottage—which was extremely difficult, seeing that we still had our arms around each other and our lips passionately locked. Several trees paid for our lust with their lives.

If getting to the cottage was hard to do, getting into the cottage was even worse. We stumbled against the doorframe (the first time that I’d stumbled since I’d been changed), breaking through some of the wood. Oops. Well, I guess that Esme’s going to have to replace that later… 

Once through, I tore his shirt to shreds, leaving the pieces on the floor. He grasped me by the hand, and we virtually dragged each other to the bedroom, littering the floor with fabric as we went. We violently wrenched the door open, nearly ripping it from the hinges, our physical desire mounting nearly to the point of pain…

And that’s when it happened. Boom. Just like that. 

Wet dog. “

Favourite moments include; Bella saying that she and Edward will go as Cinderella and Prince Charming (Jacob thinks that since Edward was the one who did the turning; shouldn’t he be the Fairy Godmother) and Nessie biting Jacob just for the fun of it. (Edward is very pleased with that, hihi).

And I won’t forget all the sex talk. It’s priceless! Like this quote:

“Rock hard gets rock hard, I thought. Man I’m glad I’m not human any more. Seriously? What was Edward thinking when he said I deserved a normal life? Who on earth would want a normal life when they could have twelve-hour sex sessions instead?”

And this is my absolute favourite.

“Not again! My peal of bell-like laughter abruptly woke Renesmee up. She glanced around, disoriented.

“Why am I covered in feathers?” she said in a half-asleep voice. 

“Your father has a thing for destroying pillows in moments of passion,” I said, plopping down on the bed and pulling my daughter into my lap. Edward sat next to me, and, with an amused look on his face, began to pick the feathers from my hair. Now that our daughter was awake, it was clear that sex would have to wait. Strange how my brain was able to compartmentalize things now.

“Pillows among other things,” Edward murmured, kissing my neck. Strange how his brain was utterly unable to compartmentalize. A hundred and seven years of not getting any, then the dam breaks, letting out the flood.”

It’s not hard to see why this won Best Humor – Breaking Dawn. It’s pure fluffy lighthearted fun! So go read! Yay! 😀


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