Posted by: Josephine | February 17, 2009

Favorite Things

Favorite Things by best with breadsticks

Can you die of a fluff overdose? I mean, if angst makes you suicidal, what does fluff make you? I think I’ve actually come to realize that it’s more dangerous to read fluff than angst. Not only to you get a wird idea how a relationship’s supposed to be, you crave one so badly it’s almost painful.

Throw a gorgeous vampire in there and it’s a miracle I can still live a semi-normal life.

Yes, I think I’ve read too much fluff too early in the morning. I’m so not going to be able to concentrate at all today.

So, to the story.

This is a short one-shot, between Edward and Bella. Their having a discussion about their favorite things.

“What’s your favorite day of the week?” He questioned her quietly, knowing very well that the night before she hadn’t slept very well and would be traveling gradually into unconsciousness.

“Mmm…” She mumbled through her lips. “Tuesday.”

“Why Tuesday?” As far as he knew there was never anything to do on that specific day.

“It’s at the beginning of the week, so you’re not off hunting. It’s the one day of the week I’m always sure you’ll be there. You could miss Monday because you’re getting back late, and Friday because you’re leaving early. But Tuesday, you’re always there. That’s why I like Tuesday.” She yawned, snuggling her head closer to his body. “And you?”

“Everyday I’m with you.” Edward leaned over and pushed his lips on top of hers. She responded with a tiny push in return compared to his. He let up. She was going to fall asleep; though he’d been hoping they could keep this conversation going. He enjoyed learning more about her, since he couldn’t just read her mind.

“I was going to say the same thing, but I thought it be too corny.” She said softly.

“Was it corny?”

“Not when you say it.” Reaching around her, he found her hands and kissed each of her knuckles. Then moving up and caressing her neck with his lips, tender strokes of his lips danced up her throat.”

Edward is corny. It’s true that he sometimes sounds as though he’s just swallowed a harlequin. But I love that. I want one too! Gah! This is so frustrating! I want a 108 year old vampire to kiss my neck and tell me I’m his favourite food! Is that so much to ask for?

Before I forget, this one is nominated at the Twilight Awards, for best one-shot. So go there and vote for your favourites!



  1. Aww Edward is so sweet, he makes me want to date a vampire. Just imagine bringing him home to meet Mom and Dad.

    • Yes, I would soo want to bring him home! Iiip! And he would totally sleep in my bed. Would be a bit weird since I have like a billion pictures of him next to it… But hey, he’ll get use to it. Lol! (Not as in the “lol” from our terminology page. Ew!)

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