Posted by: Josephine | February 15, 2009

Happy V-day from Rob

Probably should’ve posted this yesterday, but I only just found it. It’s so cute!

Here’s a video of Robert Pattinson saying Happy Valentine’s Day to his dog, Patty. Look at his eyes when he speaks about her. Naw, he’s so cute! Iiiip, I want him! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


I just found another video that I had to mention aswell. In this, Rob mentions that he only owns two pair of pants. Something that I already guessed. You know, he has a black pair, similar to the ones he wears in the movie. Pictures below! Iiiip! Have I been a good fangirl or what? 😀

From the Vogue dinner thingy he went to a couple weeks ago. (Btw, can you see that his hair is longer again. Me love!)


And this is from the cafeteria scene (Obviously). Isn’t it the same ones? I’ll try to find a better picture tomorrow. I only used the ones on my computer, and this is all I got. I’ll do another edit when I’ve gotten some sleep! Bye!




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