Posted by: Josephine | February 14, 2009

Promise Ring

It’s Valentine’s Day, and because of that I will be writing about more than one fluffy romantic fanfiction! Yay! Don’t have that much time though. Just got back from Sara’s. We’ve been watching jdrama (Tatta), so if I don’t make it before midnight, at least know I tried. ah well, ’nuff about me; to the story!

Promise Ring by k-shee

Cutest story EVER! Bella and Edward have been inseperable since they were toddlers. Their mothers, Renée and Esme, were best friends, so they were practically like brother and sister growing up. Pure fluff.

Edward was the only boy who wanted to play “house” with Bella. He was also the only one who got to borrow her dolls.

“Mommy! We’re home!”

Renee looked up from her cooking to see the girl and the boy walking in hand in hand with a baby doll.

Esme smiled. “Hello, sweethearts. How was your day?”

“It was really fun, Auntie! Eddie and me played house. We got married!”

Renee chuckled. “Really? And do your Auntie and I have grandkids?”

The girl smiled, a dimple popping out. “Just one. We’re not ready for another one yet.”

The women chuckled.

“Well, what’s the baby’s name? Boy or girl?”

“Our baby’s a boy and his name is Anthony.” The girl proudly boasted.


“It’s his daddy’s second name.”

The boy scratched his head embarrassedly, looking away with a hint of pink on his cheeks. The girl’s mother whispered something in her friend’s ear, and they both giggled together.

“Well, go and wash-up. You can continue playing house tomorrow. It’s time to eat dinner.”

“Okay,” the girl said, “Come on, Eddie. Let’s put Baby Anthony to bed.”

It’s a one shot, filled with little scenes of the two of them; from seven to like seventeen. And between each scene there is like a little poem. And it’s so sweet! This is my fav one!

Marry you? Of course I will

No need to be shy

I can’t wait to see

My blushing Bella-bride


You see, Edward’s family is moving to Chicago. But he and Bella makes a pinky promise, that the next time they’ll meet, they’ll get married. I think I just spoiled the entire plot, but it’s soo cute, it doesn’t really matter! Iiiip!


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