Posted by: Josephine | February 13, 2009

The Search For Myself

The Search For Myself by AngelaAtTwilight

A different take on the Twiligth Saga. What would happen if Bella had been the vampire, and Edward the human? Interesting and well written, well worth the read!

The number one complain that Twilight gets is that it is somewhat sexist. It plays too much on the stereotypical idead of what the relationship between a man and woman is like. On the one side, you have the dark, dangerous male (the predator, hunter) and on the other, the soft fragile innocent woman (the lamb). The man must be there to protect the woman (Bella insists that she can’t walk over a straight surface without tripping. Only in the first book Edward “saves” Bella more times than you can count on your hands.) And the woman has a warm, loving heart, and thinks of anyone but herself.

I am well aware of this. But I can’t seem to dislike it. I like to read some “damsel in distress gets saved by shining knight” stories once in a while. (Okay, at least an hour a day, but let me keep what dignity I have left.) And Edward he’s, well, he’s old fashioned. That’s his excuse. And Bella diserves to be pampered. 🙂

Anyway, back to the story. I think this would be a good way to explore the different roles men and women have, and how it would be if they were reversed. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t go all the way. It sorta just changes the human/vampire aspect of things. Bella is still clumsy and insecure, and Edward is the cocky jock with the dazzling smile.

“Oh Miss!” The sound echoed through my ears as I tried to escape.

“Excuse me! Please wait!”

I froze in my tracks as I heard his footsteps softly graze toward me. The sound of his voice exploded into my body with echoes, overtaking me. It was the sound of an Angel, of that I was sure. I swallowed hard and hesitated to turn, trying to grasp a single thought to force myself to keep running away. Get away from him, I thought to myself. Don’t look at his face, it will be too tempting.

I heard his shallow breath get louder as he approached me now. I fought to control my trembling body, my quivering breath, my brutal thoughts. Then, I pushed myself to turn around.

I gasped, my jaw hitting the floor. Not only was his smell delicious and his heartbeat the sound of the most beautiful drum, but the body that these things belonged to was perfect. I have never seen a human so beautiful in my entire life. He was tall and slim. His hair was a messy disarray of bronzed delight. He had deep, true, meaningful green eyes. His lips formed to a perfect pout, and when he smiled at me, he showed the most perfect set of white teeth.

I couldn’t breathe, even if I had to.

“I’m sorry,” the angel spoke effortlessly. “Did I scare you?”

I stayed frozen, my eyes trying to focus onto his. I curled my fists into balls, fighting back the urge to pounce on him.

The beautiful man tilted his head slightly to his right, his smile growing larger. “Are you alright?” he asked, showing true concern.

I nodded, trying to find my words. What the hell is happening to me?”

(I know, I’m a sucker for first impression scenes. But hey, I get to choose the excerpt. Want something else, read the story!:))

I have to admit that I have not yet finished the story (It’s soo long, and I’m tired.) But I got so excited to write about it, so I went ahead and did it. I’ll probably post an extra comment when I’m finished.

Speaking of Edward being cocky; I just have to add this little paragraph. I thought it hilarious! Iiip!

“I held my breath, my hand over my chest as I unsteadily took my seat again. He didn’t even take his eyes off of me. And he was so very cocky. And so gorgeous. And so… cocky.

I had never been more turned on in my life.”

On a totally unrelated but funny note, I watched Hannah Montana today with my brother. And it hit me that she likes to iiip! Hah, I never knew someone outside the fangirl world did that. Hihi! 😛


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