Posted by: Josephine | February 12, 2009

Paris on Rob

Sometimes it hits me that more people than me seem to really like Robert Pattinson. At least the way he looks. It makes me want to gag when my sister’s immature friends start squeeling over my pictures of him. Call me boring but I don’t want young girls liking him simply because he’s pretty. He’s sooo much more than what these superficial teenage girls seem to think. And it makes me soo pissed of when they seem to think they know more about him than I do. I even know where he buys his coffee! Gah!

But, it now reached an all time high when I saw that even the Queen of all Brainless Girls, Paris Hilton her self, “enjoyed” watching him. Taken from an article on E!Online.

“I just saw Twilight last night for the first time, and I have to say that I think Rob is a beautiful man and an amazing actor,” Hilton gushed to us at Cash Money Records’ Lil Wayne party. “He’s fabulous!”

Yes, Hilton realizes she’s a little a late to the Twilight game…

“Now I understand all the hype,” she explained. “I just didn’t get it before, but now it all makes sense. I really enjoyed the movie and loved watching Rob in it.”

I want him all for myself! And I don’t want him to become one of those super egocentrical, superficial hollywood people! I want him to be Rob, the insecure musician/actor with the messy hair from Leicester Square! Please pretty please with a cherry on top!


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