Posted by: Josephine | February 8, 2009

Too Much – Even For Us

Sara and I were browsing through Adultfanfiction last week. And we found some really sick stories there. It’s like you don’t know if the author is joking or not. If not… he/she is seriously twisted.

First we have:

Baby Boy by Tesgura

After James and Lily died, Sirius takes care of Harry. Or, I shouldn’t say he takes care of Harry. More like abuses him. Varning for child abuse! Harry/Sirius/Remus

Daddy’s Big Boy by Tesgura

Bill is a big boy now, 4 years old! (:S) And his father shows him what grown ups do for fun. Again varning for child abuse! And incest. Yuck.

And finally, the one and only:

Truth by Tesgura

Voldemort’s “snake blood” has made certain parts of his body, uhm, bigger and longer than normal. Like 20 inches or so. And Harry likes it. Very much. :S

Found any stories that should join the list? Leave a comment and share!



  1. I love you guys, thanks for reading! I know you kinda might hate me, but I don’t care.

    • We don’t hate you, I promise! In fact, we’re very happy to get response from an author like this! (Happy is an understatement, I’m over excited!). I hope you’ll visit us again, and that we didn’t offend you. That was never our intent. You know you’re stories are amongst the few slash stories I’ve read. So you should feel honoured really.

      Yours Truly/

  2. Do you have any copies of these stories by any chance or some way to contact this author? I have been looking all over for these stories, and they have been taken down, or is she has a yahoo group can you give it to me?

    • I’m sorry but we don’t. I’m just as sad as you are that the stories are gone. Have you tried contacting her via her page on adultfanfiction?

      Now we need to find some new awesome-ly disgusting stories. Sara keeps mentioning this one “lower him down in links of chains”, featuring Harry, Remus and Sirius as a dog. Very hot apparently. πŸ˜›

  3. No I haven’t, I didn’t even think about that actually. I do not think I have read that story as of yet. Is it on aff?

  4. It used to be there. But I think they deleted it. Which kinda gives you the idea how smutty it must have been.

    Have you read any story you might like to write about? You know, we are looking for co-bloggers. And if you’re into slash, you’ll fit right in! πŸ™‚

  5. Her email is hidden on that site, but I will also look in Not recently actually, im still trying to figure out your site so that might take a while as I am not home that often due to work.

    But if I do see something I will give you a heads up, what sort of stories do you look for?

    • Anything you find funny/interesting/awesome or just really really bad. Every one has different tastes, so it would be nice to have more people submit stories they like.

      Can’t you reach her via adff? Can’t you send her a message there, like you can on ff?

  6. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it, I think you are able to if they have stories posted, but she has taken everything down, even googling her name doesn’t work to find any sites that she may be on.

    But I will have a look again, and see if I can figure it out.

  7. I took the stories down when I started trying to get my serious stuff published. Then before anything worked out my computer crashed. I have a copy of baby boy and daddy’s big boy. Unfortunately Truth is gone, and I miss that story. It was something I could always read for a laugh and inspiration. If anyone wants the first two though just email me.

  8. Damnit, just saw the bit about emails being hidden. It’s

    • i have a copy of truth and its Sequel Reactions Summary:

  9. I’ve got the Truth series back and wanted to let you guys know so if you want you can fix the links. Enjoy!

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