Posted by: Josephine | February 7, 2009

Iiip of the Day

Well, technically it was yesterday as I’m posting this. But who cares?

I think I’ve mentioned somewhere that I have a boy named Edward at the Day Care I work at. (I was super thrilled when I heard that! Iiip!) It’s quite fun, because everyone keeps calling him “Eddie” (but I know how much the “real” Edward hates to be called that) so I refuse to call him anything but Edward.

Anyho, this is what happened this morning. Makes me all warm just thinking about it.

He drew me this picture, it was a Christmas Tree with gifts underneath. And I asked him what was in them. And he went on to draw what was in the packages. And he was like “this is a car”. So, I had to ask him, what kind of car it was. And he said “It’s a Volvo.” Iiiip! I got a Volvo, from Edward! He even coloured it in silver (I kinda asked him to :P). Isn’t that like the greatest thing ever! 😀


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