Posted by: Josephine | February 5, 2009

Why Can’t I Get One?

What is the number one item on my wishlist? The one thing that can only be topped by meeting Robert Pattinson/Edward? The Lifesize cardboard cutout of course. And I can’t buy one. 😦

It’s not that I don’t have the money. It’s not that my friends and family would freak. It’s not even that they’re sold out! I just haven’t found one single company that can ship them to Sweden. Apparentely, the UK, Germany and Japan are fine, but Sweden nooooo. Are we that off?

Why wasn’t I born in the US? The homeland of Hottopic and FYE, filled to the brim with Twilight merchandise.

I want my 6´1 Edward. And he would sleep in my bed and be BFF with Sara’s Legolas. Now I’m just sad.

But I found this video on youtube. And that made me even more desperate. See for yourselves!

If anyone has any tips what I should/could do to get my Edward, I would owe you for the rest of eternity.


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