Posted by: Josephine | February 1, 2009

It’s Been Too Long

It’s been way too long since I showered Robert Pattinson in my love. Well, to be honest I did it just before dinner, but it’s been like a week since I did it in “public”.

I realized it’s been a while since any videos showing Rob’s insecurity. And I sorta missed that. I mean, that’s like part of the reason I love him.

But then I found this video. And I like, died. He’s sooo cute! I love him! Gah, I want him.

But then, I got kinda sad. Becuase I found out that my suspions were true. Robert Pattinson smokes. This video proves it.

My worries began when pictures like these were published.

Robert Smoking1

(Both pictures taken from everglow)

Robert Smoking2

But in my heart I was still denying it. I talked to Sara about it yesterday. And she was like; “Of course he smokes, he’s brittish!”

But, even the sun has spots, right? Oh, and one thing before I end this. My sister asked me why I didn’t say OMR instead of OME. Which made me Iiiiip! So, the next time I feel like bringing some love to my favourite brit, I will be sure to say Oh My Robert, at least a dozen times!

I could go on forever, but somehow I have a feeling this post might get deleted then… 😀


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