Posted by: Josephine | January 29, 2009

The Truth About Heaven

The Truth About Heaven by Mezzanottex3

This is as angsty as they can get. I had to read this in five parts, simply because I cried too much to continue. My dad practically kicked me out of the kitchen. Since then, I’ve read it thrice, and cried every time. So, it’s either very well written, or I’m a complete sob. Or a little bit of both.

It’s set as an AU ending of New Moon. Bella died jumping off the cliff. Edward visits her grave, to tell her that it was all a lie. That he still loves her. Yeah, I’m almost crying now, just thinking about it.

“I shouldn’t have left!” Edward choked out, his bottled-up emotions pouring before the gravestone- before Bella. “It was a lie, Bella! I thought I was protecting you from myself, from what I was!”

His voice was drowned in the night air and lightning struck in the sky. The rain was coming down hard now- his hair was plastered against his face.

“The pain of being away from you-” Edward choked out, “It hurt so much, Bella… so much…”

Rivulets of water streamed down Edward’s face as he choked on tears that wouldn’t come. That would never come.

“I’m going to join you, Bella…” Edward whimpered. “Tomorrow is my last day in Forks-“

My last day on earth.

He was confessing his feelings and his planned actions into the night.

It didn’t matter.

He knew Bella was listening.

“… and I’m going to join you.”

The rain fell down harder”

The title is a song by Armor For Sleep. I recommend reading the lyrics to that song. It’s really very emotional. And you’ll understand the meaning behind it before the end of the fic.

I’m hoping to update with a happier version of this story later today. Otherwise I’m going to be all sullen. I need to go fluff now. See ya!


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