Posted by: Josephine | January 27, 2009

Utterly Desirable Merchandise, Part II

Because you can finally buy some deceant Twilight- Merchandise in Sweden. Yay!

Thanks to, my new favourite website (apart from and the like!) I and my fellow swedish fans, can buy stuff without having to ship them from the US, and pay monstrous taxes on them. Iiiip!

So far, I’ve bought a bookmark, keychain, Edward action figure (I mean how could I refuse???), a t-shirt, pins and the movie on Blue-Ray. iiip, Edward in High Def!

And then I already have three posters at home. That can’t even fit on my wall. It’s expensive being a fangirl. But I like it!

Oh, and I have to mention this, so that I post at least something fanfiction related. Both Coming to Terms and Till Death Do Us Part has been updated. Iiiip! Go read them! Now!

And, Sara’s feeling better from her flu. We’re on the right track here people! Yay!


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