Posted by: Josephine | January 22, 2009

The Halloween Fair

Today feels like a good day. It’s six o’clock in the morning, I’m up and reading smutty fanfiction. What better way to start your day? But Sara’s got the flu, so I’m probably not gonna see her today. Which makes me sad. But, I’ve cheered myself up with some lovely fluff. And it helped, to some extent at least.

This is what I read (or more like finished reading) this morning.

The Halloween Fair by Jayeliwood

I guess some of you might remember me posting about Jayeliwood’s stories before. She writes these AWESOME lemons, you won’t even believe it! And she posts something like every day, which makes any fan go: Iiiiip! Yeah, I love her.

Anyway, the story.

Bella’s been attracted (more like droooling, I would be) after Alice’s big brother for years. But he doesn’t seem to know she exists. In some form other than his sisters nerdy best friend that is.

They go to this Halloween Fair, which is like a carnivale of sorts. And litteraly, Bella falls right into Edwards arms. And things starts to change between them…

Unfortunately (or not!) Bella hurts her ankle. So they take her back to the house so that Carlisle can take a look at it.

This is an excerpt from later that night, Bella and Edward are watching a movie in his bedroom.

“I finally began to relax and get into the movie. But, for the same reason that I don’t like haunted houses, I don’t like scary movies. I shrieked loudly, much to my shame, and turned into Edward’s shoulder. His arms were waiting for me, it seemed. He wrapped me up tightly, letting me hide my face in his shoulder.

“Shh, it’s almost over.” He said in a whisper. His breath brushed along my ear, causing me to shiver in pleasure. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning.

I pulled back to look at him and I realized, like so many times tonight, he was only inches away. I could see his eyes sparkle, even in the dim light. His grip tighten for a moment and then something amazing happened. He kissed me.

Our lips crashed together with amazing force. His fingers tangled into my hair, holding me to him. I couldn’t help but return the favor. I wanted to feel his beautiful silky hair through my fingertips. I tugged on it gently, causing him to moan.

His lips were like magic as he continued his glorious assault on my mouth. Carefully he twisted us around so that I was laying flat on my back and Edward was on top of me. Our lips never parted as he rested himself between my legs. Dirty thoughts flooded my mind and I wished that we had no clothing on at all. As it was I could feel every inch of him pressed against my body.

This kiss was not the first kiss I had imagined. It was far better. I imagined something clumsy, and awkward but this… was pure bliss. He was respectful of my body while still making me feel desired. Edward’s kisses were intense, just like him. I never could have imagined anything this perfect.

Lightly he sucked my tongue into his mouth, massaging it with his own. It wasn’t a sensation I was expecting and the shock that ran through my body surprised me more. Without even thinking my body reacted, pushing me closer to him. Of course I used my bad ankle.

I moaned in protest at the pain. Edward pulled away instantly and laid his head on my shoulder, panting. “I’m sorry…” He stuttered. “I’m going too fast. It’s just that I wanted to do that all night.”

I wanted to explain to him that he was not too going to fast. That I loved what he was doing and it was my stupid ankle causing all the trouble. I didn’t know where to start though. “Edward…” I said breathlessly.

He looked up, waiting for me to say something. He looked a bit like a beaten puppy at that second, like he was sure I was going to tell him to get lost at any second. I had to make that look go away.

So, I did it the best way I could think of. I wrapped my fingers into his beautiful hair and tugged his mouth to mine, meeting it half way. He moaned loudly against my mouth, his grip on my waist tightening quite a bit.

I wanted to feel him closer to me. I wanted to feel his weight on my body. I wrapped my good leg around his waist, pulling him closer. I groaned when I felt something very stiff rub against the center of my legs. I had never felt friction like this before and it was divine. I began to rock my hips back and forth a little bit, moaning against his mouth with every pass.

His hand slid from my waist to my thigh, spreading his fingers out over my bare flesh as he reached my knee. He grabbed it, adjusting me a little roughly. I moaned loudly, my head lulling back with the amazing sensation. His lips travels down my jaw and to my neck, where he focused his sweet torture.

Our hips were moving in time with each others, causing each other to pant and moan. His hand slid up and down the outside of my thigh, massaging it with his fingers. “You taste as good as you smell Bella,” he whispered into my ear.”

But, brace yourselves. This story is sooo filled with UST, you won’t believe it. I mean, we’re talking almost as bad as Eclipse here. So hurry on, read, and don’t forget the epilogue! Yay!


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