Posted by: Josephine | January 6, 2009

Coming to Terms

Coming to Terms by GinnyW 31

Started reading it this morning, am not yet finished, but it looks promising. It’s a classic story, plot-wise. Bella and Edward meet at a bar. Have a one-night stand. Bella gets pregnant, but doesn’t know who Edward is. It’s been done before, but as I haven’t written about any of them, and this one is really good, this might be the time to do so.

I love the perfect amount of angst in it. Not so much to make me cry, but enough to give the story some plot. And Bella’s yearning for Edward is like… I can soo relate! Iiiip!

“No, I’m good, thanks.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Do you mind if I sit down?”

My head snapped up to see one of the most gorgeous men that I had ever laid my eyes on. “Uh… um… sure?” It sounded like a question. I quickly glanced around the room, my eyes noticing that there were several empty seats and tables and I wondered why someone like him would want to sit with someone like me.

He sat in the chair that Mike had vacated only a few minutes before, and smiled. It was then that I got a good look at him. His face was nearly flawless, clear, with a strong, angular jaw and a pair of the deepest green eyes that I’ve ever seen. They were outright mesmerizing and I found myself getting lost in them before I even had a chance to introduce myself. His hair was a reddish-bronze color, a bit longer, messy, and seemed to be almost begging me to run my fingers through it.

I was pretty sure that my mouth was hanging open as I continued to gawk. It wasn’t until he began to chuckle softly that I was able to draw myself out of my daze.

“Long day?” he asked.

“God, yes. Sorry.” I shook my head to clear my thoughts and held out my hand to him. “I’m Bella.”

“Edward,” he replied, but instead of shaking my hand as I had expected, he brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss on the back of my hand.

I had to stifle the gasp the built in my chest at the gesture. The instant that his fingers touched my skin, I felt a jolt tingle across my skin. Not like an electric shock, something deeper that raced directly to my soul. What in the hell is going on?

“I really don’t normally do this, but I’ve been watching you since I came in here, and there is just something about you that drew me over here.”

“Oh… uh… thanks?” Back to the questions again. Seriously, I didn’t know how to respond to this guy, he sounded as if he’d just swallowed my latest Harlequin.

He chuckled again. “I sound stupid, don’t I?”

“Well…” At least I smiled at him when I shrugged, right?”

Which in turn, enables me to talk about our new addiction. Harlequin! It all began when we were in England, seriously deprived of fanfiction. So, I came up with the idea that we could buy a smut-y Harlequin to satiate our need. I don’t Sara’s happy with me for that. She’s got it worse than I do. She reads a book a day. I got her four for Christmas, and she’s read them all. But I got the best one! It’s calles ” A Knight to Remember” (seriously worst pun ever!) and it’s just sooo awesome! You can’t stop laughing. Iiip! 😀



  1. […] and I have to mention this, so that I post at least something fanfiction related. Both Coming to Terms and Till Death Do Us Part has been updated. Iiiip! Go read them! […]

  2. I think I need to edit this. A Knight to Remember is nothing compared to When the Duke Returns. “You pied in me!” Who writes that stuff? 😛

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