Posted by: Sara | January 2, 2009

The Kept Man

sorry I havn’t updated in like, forever. Have no excuse ‘cept I’m lazy as hell. Hope everybody had a great christmas and behaved better then me durring new year… On to some fanfic (I’m trying to cut down on the amount of fanstuff i consume everyday but I’m addicted!)

Arashi was the first jpop band I started fangirling about. Still love them (they where great in this years countdown!) and naturally I read all fanfictions I can find about them ^^ This one is an agnsty oneshot (how rare^^) featuring a MatsuJun deeply in love with Ohno whom he sleeps with, but only when Ohnos boyfriend Nino is playing one of his many games…

Seeing Aiba and Sho pre-occupied with the shoot, Jun turned to Ohno, “We should stop this!”


Ohno smiled pleasantly and leaned his head over Jun’s shoulder. Playing with Jun’s shirt button, Ohno whispered, “Why? You’re having fun and I don’t get lonely when Nino is busy with his games or magic tricks…”


Jun shook his head, “That’s not the point…”


Ohno kissed Jun’s neck, “You love me though… don’t you Jun?”


Before Jun could answer, the photographer called for Jun. Extricating himself from Ohno’s arms, Jun walked over to the photographer. Settling himself on a windowsill, Jun looked out the window. As the photographer started shooting frame after frame, a single tear rolled down Jun’s cheek, ‘I do love you Ohno, but your heart belongs to Nino. It would break him to know that you’re sleeping with me! And I don’t know how long I can handle this. You have no idea how sad it is to watch you leave my bed and straight into the arms of another man!!


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