Posted by: Josephine | January 1, 2009

Monthly Recommended – December

I thought I’d do it a bit differentely this month. Insted of recommending just one fanfic, I thought I’d recommend several one-shots, all describing the same theme.

The other day I felt very annoyed (more than normal) at the “epic fade out” in Breaking Dawn. You know, where we never get to see Edward finally giving in to Bella’s demand. Sigh.

So, naturally, I had to read several lemony one-shots in order to get over it. Now, I want to share these stories with you. Some are canon, and some are not. But they all describe Bella and Edward’s wedding night. Enjoy!

Oh, and I shan’t give you excerpts from these. You’ll have to read them yourselves! D

First we have:

The Gap On Page 85 by Mrs.Cullen-Swan

The bestest gap filler ever! Iiiip! Features all the missing moments between the two lovers at Esme’s Island. And in both Bella and Edward POV! Me love!

And I love the title. You don’t need to say anything else, because every Twilightfan instantly know what she refers to. Squeeee!

But, I think the fic is rather graphic. Still tasteful and all, but a bit graphic. So, lemons galore!

Mine by Jen’s WordSong

AU. Love Bella being nervous at first, then “warming up” (Ha, what a pun!) and becoming a vixen more and more.

And Edward is perfect.

The smut is not that graphic. So this one might appeal even to those of you who aren’t lemon lovers. But it’s still hottt!

Warmth by KatieBellCullen

Kinda the same as “The Gap On Page 85”. But this one continues, and describes all the missing scenes, from the entire book. So, we have some Vampire smut! Yay!

From both POV’s, which makes it even better. Just a short warning, Edward is rather graphic. If you’ve been around as long as he has, I guess you pick up a few things. P

And last, but not least;

Fire Under The Ice  by Cullenista

Written by the same author who did “Blue Moon Over Manka’s”. Great way to relieve all the UST from that story.

But before you click on the link, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. The author has removed the story until her other story is finished. She didn’t want anyone to just skip right to dessert, in this case a sweet lemonade.

I wrote about this one, because I remember it to be very good, hottt, and IC, which I am very fond of right now.

And it’s an AU, so it doesn’t take place on the island. Just wanted to point that out.

So, my recommendation is that you put the story on alert. Or the author. Or both. Just make sure you read it when it’s published again. You shan’t be disappointed. I promise.

These were my recommendations. Do you have any suggestion to a story I should have included in my list, please leave a comment! That would make my day!


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