Posted by: Josephine | December 18, 2008

Every Kiss Begins With Kay

I was originally going to write about a very angsty Sleeping Beauty-fic. But I couldn’t find it! And it drives me crazy! So forgive me that I’m going to write another Twilightpost. I needed the fluff.

Every Kiss Begins With Kay by  Daddy’s Little Cannibal

I promised you another fluffy Christmas story, didn’t I? Tadah!

As opposed to the one I wrote about last time, this is an All Human! Yay go lucky fluff! 😀

Bella and Edward are going to spend Christmas Eve with his family. And he’s not that keen on going. He’d much rather be alone with Bella. They haven’t been able to spend as much time with eachother as they’d liked to, because Edward’s doing like intern something something (he’s studying medicine). So he sorta has to work like day and night. And then he thinks that his family’s a bit embarrassing. At least Emmet. 😛

But they go, and have a fluffy ol’ time. Just like you should on Christmas. And the title is explained at the end. An end which gives the fluff a whole new dimension. I liked died. I want an Edward! Are you reading this Santa?

Anyho, what I really liked in this story is that it’s not only filled with BellaxEdward fluff! There’s some EmmetxRosalie there too. (Rosalie’s pregnant! Soooo happy for her!). And lots of little AlicexJasper moments. Iiiip!

“Merry Christmas!” He boomed, his dimples visible with his large grin. I couldn’t help but smile back at him as his eyes widened, catching sight of the food. “Hors d’oeuvres! My favorite!” He plopped himself down next to me, biting the head off one of the cookies.

“Emmett, you’d eat the kitchen table if that’s all that was left.” Edward retorted, watching him devour the vegetable tray.

“Please, leave the plate.” Rosalie said sarcastically, waddling over to us and seating herself on his knee. “Esme gave it to Alice, and I’m sure she’d like to use it more than once.”

“Hi, Rose.” I said, patting her arm. She gave me a smile in return before placing her hand on her stomach, a frown appearing on her face as she looked around.

“Where are Esme and Carlisle?” She asked. Jasper glanced over his shoulder just as a loud clang rang out from the kitchen, catching everyone’s attention.

“Destroying my kitchen.” Alice smirked, waving it off. “They’re cooking the ham.”

“Madre!” Emmett shouted after swallowing. “Come give your favorite son a hug!”

“Quiet down,” Esme said, humor laced in her tone as she entered the living room. “You’re going to wake my future grandson.”

I watched in amazement as his expression instantly softened, his hand meeting his wife’s as they rubbed her stomach together. Edward placed on hand on the back of my neck, massaging lightly as the two joined the crowd, Carlisle wiping his hands off on a dishrag before throwing it over his shoulder.”

So go read. And then check back here and tell me what you thought!

Hopefully, I’ll have another story up tomorrow. If Sara doesn’t delete me from this blog that is. 😛


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