Posted by: Josephine | December 8, 2008

In Six Months I Lost My Mind But Found My Heart

In Six Months I Lost My Mind But Found My Heart by An End Has A Start

Okay, so technically I’m breaking the rules by posting this. Sara’s forbidden me to do more Twilightposts. But I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I’ve been feeling grumpy all afternoon since I read that Catherine Hardwicke won’t direct New Moon. Which I think sucks big time. I won’t say anything more about that, as I’m still to mad to be coherent.

But OME, I think they’re gonna do Eclipse to!!!! Iiiip! I can’t believe this! My heart can’t take this much excitement! 😀 I got the news from Go there and read for yourselves!

So, to lighten my mood, I had to write about this wonderful story I found. It’s a fluffer this one. Iiip!

The story is quite simple. Alice enrolls Edward in this exchange program thingy, without his knowledge, because she thinks he needs to meet new people. They go to live with someone for three months, and then that someone stays with them for another three months. And guess who that special someone might be? 😀

Edward and Bella have this connection, but they are both too stubborn to notice it. Bella thinks Edward is a complete jerk and Edward is just, well Edward.

What I should probably have mentioned earlier is that Edward and Alice are noble, whereas Bella is not. Edward is in fact the Most Honourable The Marquees of Cambridge. So they are from two very different worlds, though that’s not very new. But, that causes another problem for them, as Edward’s father is searching after a bride for him. And he sorta has to marry another noblewoman. But, as they say, forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. The story’s set in Britain. FYI.

It’s not just all the UST and fluff that made me love this story. It’s also extremely funny! The Edward in this is the bestest ever! Seriously! He’s got a serious germfobia (is that a word?). His first time on a public bus is to die for! Iiip! And then, all his fangirls are awesome. And don’t even get me started on when he gets drunk. Hihi. I’m still laughing at that.

“Eddie!” Lauren called as we walked towards the other building where our next class was.

“Oh god, save me.”He muttered under his breath, I snickered and watched him grimace when she ran up to us.

“Edward I was wondering if I could be your partner for English? Sorry I forgot to ask earlier, you had me dazzled and I couldn’t think straight.” Lauren asked, petting my brother’s arm. I felt like growling protectively at her, she should take her skanky paws off my brother.

“What’s your excuse when he’s not around?” I asked, she glared at me but returned to bat her eyelashes at Edward.

“I guess I could be your partner.” He nodded and Lauren leant closer to him.

“You’re the best Eddie!” With that she leant over and kissed him, full tongue action too. I was slightly grossed out considering this is my brother she sucking face with. Though I was glad to see he was not kissing her back. “See you around.” Lauren pulled back and winked then walked away leaving Edward just standing there.

“I feel faint, do I look faint?” He asked exceedingly anxious. Here it comes, the drama queen of the family. “I need bleach or disinfectant, maybe some antiseptic lotion. No that might be too thick; I could dilute it with water. Yes there’s an idea! Alice I need the lotion now!” I rolled my eyes and turned to him.

“What are you going to do with the lotion?”

“Drink it of course. That germ carrier aka Lauren just shoved her gross saliva covered tongue down my throat, who knows what ghastly diseases I’ve contracted. I’m becoming light headed so I need this lotion fast Alice; the germs are already destroying my body.”

“Stop being an idiot.” I told him as I sat down on the wall a few feet from him. Edward coughed slightly then his eyes grew huge.

“Oh my god I feel a cough coming on. A cough! Alice I have a cough!” How am I related to this lunatic? I stood up and slapped him across the face, hopefully knocking some sense into him.

“Did you just hit me?” He asked looking completely astounded.

“Oh my god.” I cried as I put my face in my hands.

“So here I am, your loving brother and you go and hit me on my death bed. Some sister you are!” He proclaimed as I collapsed against Bella who was laughing at our antics.

“That’s it, if neither of you will help me I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.” He rooted around his bag and pulled out a small flask.

“What’s that?” Bella asked admiring the engraved silver liquor flask that Edward was opening.

“Alcohol. It can kill germs so hopefully it will kill the ones I just received by trading saliva with that virus magnet.”

He pulled the top off and poured half of it in his mouth. Then he did what you normally do with mouthwash and rinsed out his mouth, gurgled the alcohol then spat in a bush a few feet away. Edward then drank the rest and returned the flask to his bag.

“What alcohol was in there Edward?” I asked suspiciously, my brother can’t exactly hold his liquor. Light-weight!

“That was a flask of Dalmore 50 year old Decanter- single highland scotch malt whisky. If that can’t cure me then I don’t know what can.” I stood there gaping at him.

“Edward that’s a £5000 a bottle whisky and it’s 52 percent pure alcohol! Are you trying to get drunk?!” I screeched.

“Of course not Alice. Don’t be silly.” He tried to sit down on the wall but missed and went straight over it, landing with a thump in the bush on the other side. Bella and I raced to see if he was alright but he was giggling his arse off.

Today is going to be very long.”

So go read! And don’t drink and derive! Lol! Sciense joke!

But the ending was not satisfactory. I want a sequal. Now!



  1. GRRRRRRRR! It next update is twilight too, I’m seriously going to delete it!

  2. No you wouldn’t! I can’t help that I’m overly obsessed atm. Seriously can’t. :S

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