Posted by: Sara | December 7, 2008

Shut Up, ‘Cause You Know You’re One, Too

This one is so cute because it reminds me of my friends whom I forced to become fanboys^^ (and Caspian, yes I mean you and yes you ARE a fanboy!)

THIS story is about Ryo who’s so interested in what he consider to be “girl stuff” so he starts to listen to boy bands and find himselfe actually liking it! Then he meets Tegoshi wo only hang out with girls and is the ultimate fanboy. Cute fanboys ftw!

Ryo snorted. “I like music for the music part of it.”

Tegoshi’s lips broke into a wicked grin. “But that’s not the fun part.”

“What?” Ryo said.

“You don’t know what you’re missing out on,” Tegoshi replied mysteriously. “You probably haven’t read anything.”

“What?” Tegoshi replied, searching through his folders to find the new scans he downloaded. He wanted to show them to Ryo, who had been too busy over the week to keep up with the fandoms recently.

“Tegoshi, I thought you said you didn’t write fanfiction.”

Tegoshi glanced at Ryo, and then let out a laugh. “I didn’t. But it’s addicting.” He started surfing his inbox as Ryo played with a Rubick’s cube and leafing through the jacket of KAT-TUN’s new single. “Oh, look! Akame looked at each other in the recent performance of their song! Isn’t that cute?”

OMG THIS IS SO ME! Exept I’m a girl, and not friends with a cute japanese guy:(


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