Posted by: Sara | December 6, 2008

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

OMG the angst! I really should be out christmas shopping but my coffing makes me stay inside reading fanfics instead.

Another Tomapi fic comming throught It’s kind of friendship but it seems like both boys really love the other one. Me love angsty Tomapi love ❤

Yamapi pov:

“Toma?” Yamapi kicked a pair of black heels at the door aside. He found the front door unlock and opened it with a turn of the knob. The living room was completely still. He walked further, as a topless Toma gently slipped out of his bedroom with a blissful smile, closing the door as silently behind him.


“Yamapi?” Toma ruffled his hair as he glanced at his companion cum intruder. “When did you come back?”


Yamapi continued staring at the closed bedroom without saying a word, eyes with hidden emotions.


“Uno…” Toma laughed sheepishly. “Don’t disturb her, she’s sleeping.”


Yamapi felt his gaze blur. “Who?” There was the slightest tremble in his voice, unnoticed by a lovestruck Toma, who beamed with new found happiness.


“Maki. Horrita Mak- Yamapi!” Toma shouted as Yamapi abruptly turned on his heel and stumbled out of the house.

Toma pov:

Ever since that breakthrough roll in Hana Kimi, his career had seemed to hop back on track, at least. Taking in stage plays and dramas, he felt the blood coursing through his veins, everyday bursting in new colours and fragrances, assaulting the senses.


One day, I’ll catch up.

Wait for me.


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