Posted by: Josephine | December 5, 2008

Waiting For Twilight

Waiting for Twilight by Twilightholic-Tanya

So, I was reading my new obsession story (“Six Months I Lost My Mind But Found My Heart) which I shan’t post about right now, because I haven’t finished it yet. But I read something there which reminded me off a story I read a couple of months ago, and haven’t posted about yet. So here it is.

Anyhow, I’ll always associate the phrase “Cinderbella” (seriously the worst pun ever) with this story.

Alice drags Bella to a ball, a masqued ball. She dresses her in this fabulous dress and everything. Bella, on a joke, christens herself: Cinderbella.

At the ball, she sees a pair off emereld green eyes, behind a black mask. She doesn’t know who this strikingly beautiful man with auburn hair is, but they have this instany connection. (Three guesses who it is)

“Would you like to dance?” a soft voice asked and I lifted my head to see. I was staring in the most beautiful glowing green eyes I had ever seen. The man was tall and handsome. He had copper color hair that fell loosely on his forehead. His bright green eyes stood out against the black color mask he wore and I was strung speechless.

He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. The band played an up beat tempo and he placed his hands on my waist holding me at arms length. My arms hung loosely from his neck and we began to sway to the music.

Before I knew it we were twirling to the music and I found I was having fun. I smiled as he brought me closer to him and a crooked smile formed on his face making me blush.

We didn’t talk only danced but it was a perfect moment none the less and I was glad Alice had dragged me along. I didn’t know I could dance to such an upbeat tempo but I was able to and it was easy with him leading me. When the song finished he let go of me and smiled. The music turned to a slower song and he held his hands out. I smiled and placed my hands in his as we began to waltz.

“Amazing, you don’t have a date?” he said softly and I sighed. “No, I didn’t really want to come but my friend forced me too,” I explained and he smiled.

“I know what you mean. It’s not fun to get dragged somewhere against your will,” he laughed and blushed. So he was forced here as well.

“Are you from around here?” I asked.

“Well I’ve been gone for a while. I know that this is an annual event though. The famous Twilight Balls. The theme changes every year doesn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes I guess it does. This theme just happens to be a masquerade ball. I hate to think of the other theme’s I missed,” I joked and he smiled. I had never really gone to any of the Twilight Balls before but I knew what they were about.

When twilight approached the ball rooms would open and it was like a flash from the pass. It brought you back to the old times. It gave you a chance to dress in fancy clothes and enjoy classical music instead of the hip beat of today’s clubs. Surprisingly they were very popular.

I noticed the long silence between us and looked up to see his green eyes staring at mine with such a strong intensity. It made my stomach clench.

I found my arms around his neck and his face was a lot closer.

I stared at the cat like eyes and I couldn’t help but notice just how close he had gotten. The room around us turned hazy and the sounds faded away. All I could hear was the pounding heart and I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hear it to.

I leaned up closer so that his lips barely grazed mine. The promise of a soft smooth kiss. All I had to do was…

I heard clapping and the haze broke apart. The song finished.

I pulled away and turned toward the stage where the band was taking a bow and a break.

“Cinderbella,” I heard the cheery voice of Alice call and I turned to look for her small figure.

She came to my side and held my arm. “Hey who were you dancing with?” she asked and I looked to my side realizing I didn’t know his name. But he was gone. I looked around to see if I could see him again and was met with a clash of evening gowns and tuxedos.

“I was dancing with….a prince charming,” I answered and Alice laughed as she took my hand and led me back to the table.

“Oh and where is he?” she asked and looked over her shoulder to the dance floor.

“I have no idea,” I mused and took a seat. She gave me a look before dropping the subject and I smiled. Tonight was actually fun.

I wonder if I would ever meet the prince charming again.”

Of course she will, or there would be no story to speak of.

But what I like with this story, is that it’s sorta more realistic than other similar stories I’ve read. What if Prince Charming was not single?

Edward is in fact engaged to Tanya. Who, btw, is not the total bitch she’s usually described as in fanfiction.

And Edward, as the gentleman he always is, surpresses his feelings for Bella, because he doesn’t want to hurt Tanya’s feelings. But he can’t stay away from Bella, he can’t live without her. So she sorta becomes best friend with bort him, and Tanya. Awkward!

As you might guess, it becomes quite angsty. Not overly so, but enough to make you heartsick.

Read, and enjoy. The ending is great. 😀

The next post I make, will probably not be Twilight related. Sara’s forbidden me from posting more about a certain Vampire. 😦

But, I think I’ll take this as a chance to swoon over a certain gentleman by the of mr Darcy. Did you know Edward is partly based on him? 😛


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