Posted by: Sara | December 4, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

Hi! I’m like SO tired! Expect a fangirl rant later, I’m to tired now. But anyway, this blog has way to much twifics and way to few rps fics!! (My fault)

I’m in the mood for some angst and then I found THIS fic ❤ Onshot (I’m addicted to them now)

It takes place four years after Akame broke up, it’s Kames pov durring Jin’s wedding. I cried! Love it love it love it!

That smile on his lips means something. It means that he’s really contented about what he’s got now.

I knew it.

Because that smile was once for me.

Before, when he smiled that smile, I was very happy, because I know that he’s happy to have me in his life.

But now, no mater how many times he smile that same smile, I wouldn’t be able to be happy.

Because …

How can I be happy if my own happiness has left me?


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