Posted by: Josephine | December 1, 2008

Japan, Watch Out – Here Comes Robin Hood!

So, BBC’s adaptation of Robin Hood will be airing in Japan! LalaTV has bought the rights and will be showing the series. Isn’t it wonderful news? The Japanese will freak! But I guess they’re used to plot-less, random TV-shows. Now they get a brittish one! Iiiiip! Hope they dub it. I can’t wait to hear Gisbourne speaking japanese. Ha!

And check out this promo they did. I laughed my socks off when Richard Armitage shows off his new look. Hihi! 😀

See, I did another non-Twilight post! I’m cured!

Um, on the other hand, perhaps not. I just read the funniest thing Robert Pattinson said about his fans. Apperantely he’s gotted many letters saying like: “I will kill myself if you don’t go see High School Musical – 2 with me”. Ha! What is this obsession with Zac Efron? Even RPatz’s started talking about him. :S


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