Posted by: Josephine | November 28, 2008

Lady of the Knight

Lady of the Knight by ObsessingOverEdward

Yay, another update! This story’s kept me quite busy, since it’s sooo long and I just couldn’t put it down. But you know, that’s quite hard since I still have to get to work in the morning. I want to be home and read fanfiction!

Anyhow, this is sorta a crossover between “Pretty Woman” and “Twilight”. I know, can it get any better? 😀

So, Bella is abused by her boyfriend, Mike Newton. He throws her out, and crying on the street. Then Edward sees her, and pick her up. He thinks she’s a prostitute (her clothes are torn). They seem to have this connection, so both are extremely attracted to eachother.

Edward just wants to have sex with her. He’s feeling kinda lonely since his divorce from Tanya. This is not the first time he picks up en escort.

Bella on the other hand, just want to feel safe and wanted. She blames the breakup with Mike on herself… you get the point.

And then, they have glorious sex. (What else can you have when there’s an Edward there?). Then, afterwards, Edward asks how much he should pay her. Kinda awkward moment.

They have this connection, and Edward soon realizes that he’s falling for her. So he spends all his time trying to make it up to her, and make see that he wants her, not her body. So, think I’ve spoiled the story now. But read, and you will not be sorry!

“I stopped at a light heading out of New Jersey when out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman in an extremely short dress stumble and fall. I looked at her through the rain splattered windshield and noticed that she didn’t move. I quickly pulled over and ran to the injured woman. When I got to her I noticed that her shoulders were shaking. Kneeling down next to her I laid my hand on her back to get her attention.

“Miss, are you hurt?” I asked anxiously as I wiped rain out of my eyes, trying to check for any major injuries.

She slowly looked up at me and my heart flipped in my chest. She had the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. I also noted that they were puffy, like she had been crying. Her hair was dripping from the sheets of rain that were coming down. Mascara was running down her face and she looked like a drowned cat.

“Yes, I think I sprained my ankle.” I looked down her extremely sexy legs and became aware of the four inch stilettos she was wearing. Why do women wear those things? Then I noticed the very short blue dress she had on. It just barely covered her nicely shaped behind. It plunged so low in the front that I got a peek at the blue lacy bra she had on. Comprehension dawned on me in that moment. She was a call girl. Even through the mess I recognized that she was a very beautiful call girl.

“Do you live nearby? I can take you home if you’d like.” Her face instantly changed to dread. She shook her head.

“I don’t have anywhere to go.” I could hear the desperation in her voice. I rocked back on my heels and took in the situation. Wasn’t I just thinking about calling an escort service when I got to my hotel? And here this angel drops right into my lap. The wheels in my head started turning. What if she’s an addict? Do I really want to deal with the possibility of her stealing anything out of my room? I’m definitely attracted to her. She looks so lost; I can’t just leave her on the street. I made up my mind right then and there.

“You’re coming with me.” I stated simply. Her brown eyes got wider when she realized what I said. She started to protest so I gave her my “no arguments” look and she instantly closed her mouth. “Let’s get out of the rain so I can look you over.”

She nodded her head as I gently placed one arm behind her back and the other under her knees scooping her up effortlessly. I quickly walked to the car, opening the door and placing her in the passenger seat. I ran around the back of the car and got in.

“Let me see your hands, please.” She hesitantly placed her hand in mine, palms up. She was so cold. I flipped on the heater to try to warm her up. I looked at her hands and saw that the scratches weren’t that deep from when she had caught her fall. I slowly ran my hand up her arm, examining them for any track marks. There weren’t any. Good, it doesn’t look like she’s a hard core drug user. She shivered as my hand ran back down her arm. I reached in the backseat and grabbed my jacket. “Here, put this on.” I commanded in a soft voice. She took it and slipped it on.

“Thank you.” she said, barely a whisper.

“No problem.”

And the best part (apart from all the wonderful UST) is that, all the minor characters are like peole from the book. And it’s awesome! My favourite is supergay Felix, the personalshopper! Iiiip!

All the iiiiping involved in this story made my mom tell me to stop reading fanfiction and get a life. Not funny.


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