Posted by: Josephine | November 28, 2008

At the Office

At the Office by McCullen

I haven’t done any smutty AH one-shot in awhile. So here we go!

Although, technically this is a two-shot, but only because it was too long to fit in one document. 😛

So, Bella works as an editior. And she’s kinda annoyed by her super sexy co-worker, Edward Cullen. (Iiiip!) Yeah, LOVE the summary:

“So I kind of told my extremely sexy co-worker I hated his guts. And then I kind of made out with him at an office party when I got drunk. And I’ve kind of been trying to hide from him at work under my boss’s desk. And I might be in love with him. Kind of. BxE, all human.”

Isn’t it wonderful? Squee! Read Read Read!

Here’s another excerpt:

“Edward Cullen was leaning on the copy machine, smirking as per usual. Lauren had her arms around his shoulders and was whispering in his left ear, all the while managing to give him a full view down her shirt to her cleavage.

Great at multitasking, that girl is.

My opening the door semi furiously – alright, it was a little more than semi furiously, but that’s a mere detail – alerted the two to my arrival in the copy room. Lauren turned to glare at me, nothing out of the norm. Edward’s smirk merely increased. Of course.

“Hello, Bella,” Edward said smoothly in his irresistible voice, “Don’t you look nice today?”

I rolled my eyes to conceal that fact I was pleased – for some odd reason – at his compliment and that he noticed. Lauren, in return, actually growled. I looked at her weirdly. Her glare intensified.

“Uh huh,” I said noncommittally, “can you move? I have to make some copies of this paper here.” I held up the sheet of paper Mr. Banner had given me.

Edward raised his eyebrows. “An editor?” he said disbelievingly, but still smirking, “Making copies?” Lauren’s expression hadn’t change as she started to almost cling to Edward possessively. Edward shook her off a little, as if he was claustrophobic. Lauren noticed that I saw the exchange between her and Edward and looked like she wanted to slap me.

“Yes,” I answered Edward tonelessly, starting to become irritated at him and his damn attractive smirking. I directed my next statement at Lauren. “Since someone’s supposed to be on ‘lunch break’, I’m stuck doing secretarial duties.” Edward looked slightly amused at my irritation towards Lauren, who looked angrier than ever. Edward turned to Lauren and saw her expression at my direction and frowned slightly.

But as soon as I recognized it, Edward turned back to me and the irritable yet oh so sexy smirk was back in place. “Aw,” he said, “Are you sure you aren’t here because you’re…” he paused dramatically, “jealous of Lauren’s advances on me?” Lauren looked triumphant as he said that, but I noticed that he said that Lauren was advancing on him, as if it was all one sided.

I pushed that thought away as I felt white hot rage engulf my system.

“Jealous?” I spluttered indignantly while Edward’s smirk increased in volume.

Lauren snorted and said in her nasal voice, “Probably.” Irritation made its way across Edward’s face as soon as Lauren spoke. I felt a surge of triumph. Confusedly, I ignored it.

“Lauren,” Edward spoke smoothly as usual, “isn’t your lunch break over?” He hinted not so subtly for her to leave. It was one of the few times I felt grateful towards Edward Cullen.

Lauren huffed but obeyed and unlatched herself from Edward’s shoulders, leaving the copy room and purposely bumping into me on the way out. She nearly slammed the copy room door closed as she exited, shaking the door knob a little bit.

We were quiet for a moment as Edward got off the copy machine and I moved to make three copies of the paper Mr. Banner needed.

Edward interrupted the silence by whispering in my ear, “Are you sure you’re not jealous?” I could practically feel his hands hovering above the sides of my flat stomach. His proximity made me shiver internally. That only made me angrier than I already was from his accusation, adding fuel to my fire.

And not in the good way.

I spun angrily to him, our chests touching. I was momentarily dazed but I quickly snapped out of it as I saw him start to smirk slowly.

“I’m positive,” I told him, my every word trembling with annoyed rage. All the anger and irritation from today seemed to be building up inside me like a volcano and was about to explode – Edward was in the lava zone (or whatever it’s called.)

“It’s okay to admit you like me,” he said casually, as if he said this everyday.

I growled, “You are so infuriating.”

He continued on arrogantly as if he hadn’t heard me. “I mean, lots and lots – and I mean lots – find me irresistibly attractive. It’s only natural you feel the same –”

That did it.”

The humor in this is like, perfect! And there’s a lot of little things in there, that just makes you, I don’t know, die. Read Read Read and you’ll not be dissapointed! I want Edward to be my sexy co-worker!

And I just have to say, “Till Death Do Us Part” was updated last night. It gave me a heartattack. The end was seriously not funny. I don’t want it to go all angsty! I want my fluff! Where did you go? I miss you so! 😦


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