Posted by: Sara | November 27, 2008

Occupational Hazard, or The one where Ikuta Toma maybe kinda sort of accidentally hits on MatsuJun’s boyfriend (but only because it’s in the script, dammit)

Okay, so I don’t usually read drabbles, but I do read every fic featuring Toma (The most perfect man in the world<3) So of course I read this one!

For you who’s not as obsessed as I and have not read/seen all your can find about our beloved pretty boys you may not know that durring the filming of HanaKimi, Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma had to kiss twelve times. Shun later said that Toma had very soft lips and that it was the first time he kissed such lips.he  This is the background for this story

Love this! Really do! SQUEECK! And Josephine: You’ve got more of a life than I do!



  1. Naw, that was so sweet of you to say that! 😀

    (My mother told me yesterday to stop reading fanfiction and get a life. So I had to text Sara and moan some. Am still very mad at my mother. No one talks bad about fanfiction unpunished!)

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