Posted by: Josephine | November 23, 2008

Twilight, Ratings and Kissing

I just got back from watching Twilight again. And I have to say, the kissing scene is even hotttter (my sister told me to use that many t’s) than the first time I saw it. Iiiip!

Robert was beautiful, like always. But I was really annoyed because like almost every person in the theater started to giggle at him when he was sucking the poison out. Don’t do that! You’re ruining the moment!

And I noticed some other things as well. Like the fact that Edward can’t read Victoria’s mind at the prom. Or Carlisles when they see his car after the Port Angeles incident.

Btw, can I just say that my sister (who really isn’t in to Twilight) admitted that a C30 gas never looked sexier. Heck, no car will ever look as hot. Still miss the Aston Martin though.

While we’re on the subject of cars, I just have to tell you what happened yesterday. It snowed like crazy here in Stockholm, and we didn’t have the right tires on our car to drive in it. And we had to use a car, so my dad went out to rent one. And he checked if he could get a C30, just for me! Wasn’t that the sweetest thing? But they didn’t have one, so we got a Skoda instead. Seriously un-sexy car. But now, we can use our car again. Squeeee for the Volvo!

And I told you before that you have to be 15 to see the Twilight in Sweden. Which sucks for all the fans younger than that. So they are thinking about cutting, and removing all the “scary” stuff. Which sucks for EVERY fan! I don’t want something to be cut! Gah! Why don’t they just make an exception for those who are like 13+? I mean, it’s not that scary. At all. And if you’ve read the books, you know what’s going to happen.

Ah, well. In the meantime I’ll just keep watching it. And dreaming about it. And posting about it. Seriously, I gave two goals in life. Meet Robert Pattinson. And then have his babies. Is that too much to ask for?



  1. Du måste vara LoonyLover.

    Twilight måste vara bra.

    Min syrra har sett den.


  2. Ja, det är jag! Jag tycker så synd om dig och alla andra under 15 som inte kan se filmen! 😦

  3. You are you hilarious nut-cracker! I love Twilight, too! Seen it six times. Would have seen it more but I have to carry on with life and all that other non-important stuff. I think Rob is perhaps the sexiest man walking the planet these days… hmm. Rob…

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