Posted by: Josephine | November 23, 2008

A Family Complete

A Family Complete by Lady Saffir

A short fluffy oneshot. Just what I needed to calm down after the movie frenzy.

This takes place just after Renesmee’s birth, when she meets her new family for the first time. Written in Esme’s POV (first time I read that). It’s very sweet.

I stood in the doorway, the sight before me heartbreaking. Bella was motionless on the table, a sheet pulled up to her waist, her skin so pale it was hard to see where her skin ended and the blanket began. Her face held only a faint trace of a frown mark between her eyebrows and I half expected her to start talking in her sleep as she was prone to do. Edward sat next to her, clutching her hand in one of his while the other held the swaddled form of his child to his chest, his eyes closed with his head tilted back over the edge of the chair. The look of pain on his face! It was as if he had somehow channeled the burning that was consuming Bella, taking it upon himself so that she would be free of the horrible agony.

“No, the morphine is doing that,” Edward murmured. “I did that right, at least.” He straigtened slowly, his eyes opening to look to where Carlisle and I stood, hesitant to intrude on such a private moment. “Mom, Dad…come meet your granddaughter, Renesmee Carlie Cullen.”

His words had my eyes pricking, a dry sob forcing its way out of my throat. Oh, to be able to properly cry at those words! A wonderful event, one to be rejoiced over, yet a cloud of sorrow hung over us all, Bella’s tenacity and sacrifice a reminder of how fragile a thing happiness truly was. I took a hesitant step forward, wondering what had changed while we were gone. When we had left he had barely been able to say ‘fetus’, yet here he stood holding his daughter to his chest as if she were the most delicate of spun glass. “Edward?” I whispered, so many questions and longings held in that one word.

Edward stood slowly, releasing Bella’s hand with reluctance. “Come hold her,” he entreated me, his crooked smile only a shadow of itself. “Come hold her, I know you want to.”

I sank in to the vacated chair slowly, watching as my son carefully and tenderly bent down to place his daughter in my arms, tweaking the blanket away from her face, one finger smoothing an errant curl from her forehead.”

Too bad there aren’t many scenes like this in Breaking Dawn. I would think you need stuff like this after all the Jacob angst. Good thing we have fanfiction then!

And if you want to read more fluff, go to Lady Saffir’s page. She’s got many! Yay! 😀


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