Posted by: Josephine | November 22, 2008

Hallelujah, Mystery Solved!

As I’ve posted about before, I’ve had some questions regarding how Edward behaves when Bella’s on her period. I’ve written about it in “A Week In Hell” and “Deja vu!”. But now I finally found some “official” answers. Yay!

I’m quite ashamed to admit that I don’t visit the Twilight Lexicon enough. It’s such a wonderful site, and you always learn something when you go there. But today I did! And I found this:

“Several girls wanted to know if Edward would have a more difficult time being around Bella when she’s having her period.  Answer: Yes, a little bit, but he would never say anything about it–much too much of a gentleman.  And Bella would be way to embarrassed to ask.  (It’s not the same as a cut, though.  It’s sort of “dead” blood, if you get my meaning).”

Just what I thought! Yay! 😀

Other highlights include Edward and Bella’s schedule, how tall everyone is, how the Cullens got their money, and my other favourite quote:

“Q. Why does Edward always kiss her neck more than her lips?

A. It’s a little be safer (her reactions put her in danger). Also, because he’s just so SEXY!!”

Iiiip! I’m with you on that one Stephenie! 😀

All the quotes and facts are taken from this page.


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