Posted by: Josephine | November 17, 2008

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurriculur Activities by Liz4

You know I said a couple of posts ago (you probably don’t because I haven’t updated in ages, sorry!) that I was cured from my smutty one-shot addiction. Well, turns out, I’m not. I found (I think) the longest one-shot yet, it’s over 10,000 words. But it’s wonderful (why else would I write about it?).

It’s part of fallenfate’s “High School Challenge” she had a while ago. I hadn’t heard about it before this story, but if everything is as good as this, I’m definentely going to read some more!

So, the criterias are, that Edward has to be a footballplayer (I know, totally not sexy. Robert Pattinson hates sports. So do I.) And Bella has to be a nerd. Or something along the same lines.

But I kinda like those “we move in different circles, how can you ever want me?” stories, so I thought I’d give this one a read. So worth it!

When you have the criterias, I think you can all sorta guess the plot. But what if I tell you that a closet is deeply involved in the story. Pivotal even. And a door that can’t be opened. Hmm, interested? I’m soo in! Iiiip!

“Bella turned quickly at the sound and immediately lost her footing on the chair with the sudden movement. Edward pushed off the door he had been leaning against and reached Bella’s side in time to catch her in the cradle of his arms as she fell.

Bella’s gasp was cut off as Edward caught her and she looked up at him in surprise. “Thanks,” she said, mentally kicking herself for the breathless quality of her voice.

“Anytime,” Edward answered honestly, entranced by the husky tone of her voice.

Suddenly, Bella seemed in a hurry to get out of Edward’s arms and he struggled to set her down gently before he could drop her. “What?”

“The door!” she cried, running toward the entrance to the closet. “Don’t let it-” Click Bella stopped at the door as she heard it latch. “Close,” she finished, shoulders slumping. “Shit.”

“What?” Edward asked, coming to stand next to her. “It’s just closed.” He reached out a hand to turn the knob only to find that it would not budge. “Or not,” he muttered.

“It only opens from the outside,” Bella said quietly.

Edward turned to her in horror. “You mean we’re locked in here?”

“Until someone comes into the biology room and opens it from out there, yes,” Bella said wearily, sliding down the wall of the closet until she was sitting on the floor, her knees tucked against her side.

“Well someone will come and let us out soon, right?” Edward asked hopefully.

Bella gave him a look. “Edward, it is after 5pm on a Friday afternoon. Do you really think anyone’s going to be hanging around school?”

“Well, you were,” he pointed out reasonably. “And so was I.”

So, that was the prelude. Don’t be angry with me, I couldnät give you the smut in the summary, so this was sorta what I could post. This, or the fluffy ending. And I don’t want to spoil anything for you. 😛

Oh, and before I go. Check out this interview with Robert Pattinson. In which he mentions that sports suck, he sucks at them and that he doesn’t think of himself as beautiful (When will you ever see yourself clearly? to quote Edward). And he reminds his fans of his one fault. He doesn’t want to have babies 😦

“Little girls saying, “I want to have your babies!” And it’s “Like, you don’t. Seriously.” I don’t even want to have my babies.”


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