Posted by: Josephine | November 12, 2008

Just Wanted To Say Iiiip!

This is purely non fanfiction related. At all. I just needed to iiiip a bit.

Sara and I got tickets (thank you love) to see Twilight a day early, on Thursday nov 20! Iiiip! I’m seriously developing a crush on sf after this! I get to see Edward early! Yay!


And then I had to mention that the movie is from 15 here in Sweden. I was soo shocked when I heard. I mean, Sweden is usually known for their low ratings in movies (Bond was from 11). But apparentely, Twilight is too scary for the younger audience. I’m not complaining. Now I can see it without annoying tweens screaming. I can handle that part myself, thanks. 😛



  1. No you can’t. It’s sooo easy to go to a movie without being the proper age. We’ll have 13 year old girls screaming around us but no worries, we’ll scream louder anyway^^

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