Posted by: Sara | November 10, 2008

The Polar Bear

Another unusual fic for me. Not only is it a onshot but it’s K-rated!

It’s for once not a RPS fic but instead features my new obsession: Axis Power Hetalia.

Hetalia is a manga where the countries of the world have been rewritten as characters. This fic is about Canada and his “father” England (whom he likes better than his other father France) I totally loves Englands relations with his colonies (“children”) both in Hetalia and in fanfics (can’t help but adore a teenage angsty america) and this is no exception. Soooo cute!


England knelt down, opening his arms as Canada hurtled towards him. He embraced him fondly, wondering why he’d left it so long since his last visit. “You’re getting so big these days,” He said softly, as Canada nuzzled at him.

“Missed you, Daddy.”

“I missed you too. What mischief have you been getting up to while I’ve been away?”

“Fishing in the lake when it’s frozen!”

“You can do that?” Canada nodded, beaming. “That’s rather clever.” England got to his feet, offering Canada his hand. “Let’s walk.”


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