Posted by: Josephine | November 10, 2008


Changes by whatdoyoulivefor

Remember I said I needed some fluff? Well this is what I found. Wonderfully fluffy ”Bella-gets-pregnant” story. With Vampires! Iiiip! Like a fluffy version of Breaking Dawn! Yay!

And the funny part is that the author published it before the book was out. So, her first note was like ”I know this will never happen in a million years, but that’s the beauty of fan fiction, anything can happen”. But it did happen! And as annoyed I am with Renesmee (too mary sue-y for my taste) I still love the concept of them having a baby. I’m all for the fluff, as I said. And then I love children. I might have mentioned that before, as well. 😛

This is from a scene some ways into the story. Bella deals with the typical pregnancy hormones. Hihi, I totally love this kind of humor. Soooo fan fiction! Iiiip!

I stood in the kitchen with every cabinet open. I held the fridge door open, staring into it blankly. I had convinced Edward that he should buy me groceries, but he only kept buying the same things over and over again. I was craving something different, and it just wasn’t here.

“Wh—what’s going on?” Emmett stood in the entrance of the kitchen, taking in all of the open cabinets.

“We have nothing to eat!” I whined. I closed the fridge door and turned to look at Emmett. I crossed my arms in front of me, expectantly.

“Um…it doesn’t look like it,” he said. He was right; all of the cabinets were stuffed with more food than one person could possibly eat.

“Well,” I huffed, “we don’t have anything good to eat! So what are you going to do about it?” I tapped my foot, waiting for Emmett to step up to the plate and offer to go to the grocery store for me. I knew he wouldn’t, but I also knew I wasn’t ready to go out just yet.

Emmett looked utterly confused. “You want me to do something?”

I groaned and threw my arms in the air. “No, of course not,” I whined again, as I stomped out of the kitchen, “I could never ask you to do something for a poor, starving pregnant woman. No, no…what kind of person would that make me?” I started hunting for my purse and keys. I had already resigned to the idea that I was going to have to do it myself, but I just couldn’t understand why Emmett wouldn’t take the initiative! Seriously…

“Edward!” Emmett called. “Your wife is scaring me!”

I glared up at him, and in an instant, Edward was downstairs behind me. “What’s going on?”

I groaned again. “I’m hungry! There’s nothing to eat!”

“I just got groceries two days ago. How could you have possibly eaten everything?” Edward asked. He looked genuinely confused.

“I didn’t eat everything, but there’s nothing good! I swear, I’m going to starve in this household…” I mumbled, still trying to find the keys. “Where are the damn keys, Edward?”

He still looked confused. “In our room, I’ll go get them. I’m coming with you,” he said, and with that he was gone.

Emmett still stood in the same spot, the confused expression still on his face. He shook his head, and while he walked away, he muttered, “Women.”


Hey, I just realized I’ve posted two Vampire stories today! Yay, I’m back from all the AH! Well, I think I have to take that back. ”Beauty and the Geek” was updated a couple of days ago. I just say Iiiiip! Me luve that story! Read it, as it is now complete. Yay!


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