Posted by: Sara | November 9, 2008

On Repeat

Gaaah I’m reading waaay too many oneshots nowadays.

This one is a Ryoda fanfic. I don’t really like Ueda but he works in fanfics. Ryodas ae often so wonderfully angsty ;oD It really makes me think of Ryo in Last Friends (lovely drama btw) and looking at the time it was written I would think it was inspired by it.

It’s written in Uedas pov and features abuse and noncon.

“I won’t do it again,” Ryo promises, sincere as ever, his hold on Ueda ever tightening.  “I won’t!” he cries, sounding strained.  “I won’t… I won’t… Just don’t leave me.”

“I can’t,” he replies.  “You always say you’ll stop.  Every time this happens, you always promise.  But they’re so empty.  I don’t want to hurt anymore.”

And then it comes.  It always comes – the words that make him fall.  Ryo’s lips part and he knows.  He knows.  God, he can’t.  He doesn’t want to hear it… he doesn’t.

“I love you, Tatsuya.”


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