Posted by: Sara | November 8, 2008


I don’t usually read short oneshots, if they’re good I’ll just get sad because they are so short and if they’re bad it’s not worth the time. Don’t really know why I read this but I’m glad I did.

This is a cute little oneshot featuring Ryo and Uchi speaking on the phone (not even having phonesex! this is sooo ooc for me!)

Me luuuv the way Uchi knows Ryo well enought to know what he means even though he don’t say the words Uchi really wants to hear.

“I’ll see you soon.”

He knows Ryo well enough to know this means, I miss you.

He thinks again about words and tangibility and explanations, and he wants to hear him say it, but he says,

“Yeah.” Which is his way of saying, I miss you too.

“Take care all right?” I love you.

That was the closest they’ve ever gotten to those words.


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