Posted by: Josephine | November 6, 2008

What’s Going On Here – TWILIGHT!

This is seriously the best article ever! I love it! I just had to post some quotes from it; ’cause they’re just awesome!

“As we round the corner at Prince and Mercer, the screams become deafening.

“What’s going on?” wonders one British tourist.


“Who’s that?”

“TWILIGHT!!!!” [Duh.]”

Iiiiip! I love it!

And then, to top it all they had this to say about RPatz;

With his head down, hair tucked under a tatty ski cap, Pattinson slinks to the stage wearing an expression of pink-faced bewilderment. It’s clear this response still takes him by surprise. In gray jeans, vintage tee, oversized coat, and black Nike sneakers, he’s the best looking boy in Williamsburg, equal parts James Dean looks and Johnny Depp allure.
He squints, they shriek. He smiles, they roar. The girls are again instructed to “be cool.”

Holding the mic between two fingers like a forgotten cigarette, Pattinson mumbles shyly amid various shout-outs from the crowd. He talks about their long shoot in Portland, Oregon, how his coven family, the Cullens, “stuck together,” and how when shooting the titular last scene in the film he found it “difficult to do a fight scene when you’re trying to pout at the same time.” When asked what of himself he sees in Edward, he caters to the crowd and answers, “Well, I get really carried away when I’m kissing people.”

Anyone agreeing with me? I mean, that last part had me dying. Iiiip! I love you Robert! Squeee!




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