Posted by: Josephine | November 6, 2008

Monthly Recommended – October

Die Black, Die Slowly by Philippa

Began as a one-shot in Edward’s POV when he goes to see Bella after she broke her hand on Jacob’s face. One of my favourite section of Eclipse (which sorta happens to be my fav in the series as well), so of course I love this. The title alone had me hooked.

Okay, so, as I said, it started as a one-shot, but has since then turned into a series of misc. scenes from the series. And the titles are hilarious! How can you not read a story that begins with “The Dog Started It”? But I think my favourite is the third chapter. I’ll give you an excerpt from it.

“I could hear Charlie and Bella downstairs, talking about the day, eating their dinner. Keeping a small part of my attention focused so that I would know when someone started up the stairs, I lay on the bed, intending to mull over the revelation I had just experienced in the kitchen. But I was immediately distracted by the scent that billowed up around me as I sank into the mattress. Bella’s room smelled of her intensely, of course, but if any inanimate object could hold the essence of Bella, it was her bed.
Since Saturday was her usual laundry day and I had taken over her time, the sheets were saturated with seven days worth of scent, and I pressed my face into her pillow, inhaling as deeply as I could. I was tempted to crawl under the covers and pull them over my head, but restrained the impulse as childish and contented myself by pulling the pillow over my face. Why had I never thought of stealing her pillow before? Or at least the case.
Moving soundlessly, I glided out into the hall to the tiny linen closet, removed an identical case, and had made the swap and stored the swag before Charlie had taken three bites. Mission accomplished, I settled back on the bed and the pillow which now smelled much less enticingly of detergent.
I had tried to explain to my brothers what the smell of Bella did to me, although it was nearly impossible to put into words. The first moment the warm air laden with her scent had rushed toward me, it was like a lightning energy flashed along my nerves, a sharp tingling that exploded across my entire body. It was like pain, it was like music, it was like the end of the world. I knew that the scent was nothing compared to what the taste would be, and I had never, in my memory, wanted anything so much as to drink her blood. Except for not drinking it.”
Is it just me, or was that like the cutest thing EVER? He steals her pillow case! Iiiiiii!

So, needless to say, this is very fluffy. And funny. Seriously. I love it. So does Edward. I promise. D

Now go read, you know you want to! Oh, and no lemons here, so everyone can read it. I know, I’m back to normal. Sorta. I haven’t read a single All Human all day… *blushes*. And not a single lemon-y one-shot. Never.


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